Documentary “Maestra” on the Cuban Women’s Participation in the Literacy Campaign to Launch in Los Angeles

La Femme International Film Festival will debut the documentary “Maestra” by Catherine Murphy on Saturday in Los Angeles.

The film is a 30 minute documentary paying tribute to the thousands of young Cuban women that participated in the 1961 literacy campaign. Approximately 50 thousand teenage girls launched a practically impossible task and helped construct a new society at the ages of 16 and 17, said Catherine Murphy who spend almost 10 years researching in archives, searching for teachers of the time and taping an oral history of their experiences.

The La Femme International Film Festival is the largest women’s event in the US with the participation of renowned movie stars. The festival kicked off on Thursday and will run until Saturday with the presentation of over 100 independent, short and documentary, commercial films and musical videos.

Actresses like Susan Sarandon and Daryl Hannah will reportedly be on hand. For more information on the documentary “Maestras” on one of Cuba’s most important achievements, visit the website here