EVENT: Branch Meeting

Manchester CSC will hold its next branch meeting on Tuesday 19th April at Unison North West Regional Centre, next to MEN, at 7pm, where we are fortunate enough to have a range of speakers on offer. First of all, there is Cuban academic and policymaker, Fernando Leon Jacomino. Fernando is a former Vice-President (and interim President in 2010) of the Instituto Cubano del Libro. For a good part of the 2000s, Jacomino was involved as a cultural policymaker and worked closely with the Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas, the Asociación Hermanos Saíz and, more generally, the Ministerio de Cultura. However, he is also a published poet and a researcher, specialising in Cuban theatre, especially street theatre and film adaptations of theatre.

The current news on the Miami 5, as you may know, is that Antonio Guerrero and Gerardo Hernández, have just filed important legal briefs in their "habeas corpus" appeals, their final legal opportunity to obtain a new trial and overturn their unjust convictions.

With this in mind, we are very fortunate to have a branch member and a lawyer from Thompsons Solicitors who has recently returned from Cuba. When they were there they met the mothers, wives and children of the Miami 5, and we are extremely pleased that they have agreed to talk at the next branch meeting about their experience.

Anyone interested in attending would be more than welcome. For more information, please contact Bruce at csc.mcr@poptel.org.uk