Changes in Cuba

A briefing from Cuba Solidarity Campaign Manchester Group

There has been considerable media coverage of changes taking place in Cuba, especially since Fidel Castro announced that he would not stand for election for another term as President. Yet despite that attention there has been little sustained analysis that places these changes in the context of Cuba's 50-year-old revolutionary society and the challenges it faces in a world dominated by global capitalism.

This briefing paper draws on sources from inside and outside Cuba, in both English and Spanish. It offers a perspective on

What are the challenges facing Cuba now? 
What needs to change and what does not need to change? 
What do Cuban people want and think? 
What is the process of change in Cuba? 
What options does Cuba have? 
What is changing and what is not? 
What might happen next? 

This is essential reading for anyone interested in improving their understanding of Cuba today.

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign is the British campaign for the defence of Cuba and its peoples' right to self-determination and national sovereignty. It is part of a worldwide movement aimed at forcing the USA to end its illegal blockade of Cuba. This publication was produced by the Manchester group of the campaign.

Cuba Solidarity Campaign:
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