Next Meeting - 13th December

The next meeting will be next Tuesday, at 7.30 pm at the Unison Regional Office, up the stairs to the left of the stairs to the MEN Arena. For map, see here. There are quiet a lot of items to discuss at this meeting & I know it’s never a favourite month for a meeting, but the more input the better. 
Probably most importantly we have to discuss are activities in the coming year. These are going to include building an event around the touring version of Beyond The Frame exhibition. We will be hoping to raise in the region of £500 for this. 

As well as this event there will be an ongoing need to build the Miami 5 campaign – possibly based on the ‘5th for the 5’ campaign'. There will be an update on the Mala Vista project and how we can start building this too, again with a view to an event later in the year.

And reports on the Vigil for the 5 and the Latin America 2011 conference, which was a great success. 

Hope you can make it

Bruce Rafeek - Secretary CSC Manchester