Cuban Art Exhibition - Date set

Beyond the Frame will present for viewing and sale the best of contemporary Cuban art with the aim of raising awareness about the campaign for justice for the Miami 5. The main exhibition will be held in London and then Glasgow. However, the Manchester CSC has arranged for some of the art to be available for one night only on the 4th May, with venue to be confirmed. 

There will be at least four cartoons , possibly six, by Gerardo and six copies of art works by Antonio available for the Manchester event. One of the exhibitors, Nelson Ramirez, Director of the Fototeca de Cuba (National Photographic Museum) has offered to provide a silk screen copy of a photograph which could be sold/auctioned in Manchester to raise additional funds.
Lesbia Vent Dubois has undertaken to make herself available for this event. Born in 1932, Lesbia became an artist in pre-revolutionary Cuba when it was difficult for women to gain access to training. From the first days of the Revolution she involved herself in creative work as part of the revolutionary process. She was a founding member of the National School of Art and is President of Fine Arts in Cuba.

Lesbia embodies much of the experience of the Revolution in its determination to make cultural life accessible to all and to encourage creative self-expression for workers, peasants and youth. Like all the artists we met, she is passionate about the rights of the Miami Five and can communicate why their case is so important to all Cubans. Her presence will give the opportunity for a discussion on a range of issues including the Five, the role of cultural activity in the development of the Revolution and how Cuban artists see their social and political roles.

Other Cuban artists, at present in Europe, have requested to be part of the visit to the UK to support the Defence Campaign so there may be a possibility of a second artist accompanying Lesbia. Manchester Cuba Solidarity Campaign group are organizing the Manchester event. For offers of assistance or sponsorship please contact us at