Cuba Holiday Tours

Can you imagine yourself standing under the Caribbean sun, in Revolution Square, celebrating International Workers Day with almost a million Cubans? Visit the Cuba Travel Shop today and make this dream a reality.

Three ways to celebrate International Workers Day in Revolution Square:

Cycle Cuba Challenge, 22 April-3 May
Cycle to the salsa beat and raise money for the Music Fund for Cuba charity at the same time on this exhilarating ride through 310km of stunning Cuban countryside.

May Day Brigade, 25 April-7 May
A unique opportunity for activists to participate in practical solidarity work and discover the reality of life for Cubans living under the illegal US blockade of their country.

May Day Study Tour, 29 April-7 May
A full programme of workplace visits to schools, hospitals, sites of historical and cultural interest and meeting with Cuban trade unions.

You can be more than just a tourist and support the Revolution by joining one of our Solidarity Brigades in May, July or Winter.

Summer Solidarity Brigade, 1-19 July
With a full programme of talks, visits, cultural events and relaxation time in Havana, the provinces, and a visit to one of Cuba’s famous palm fringed beaches.

Unlike other travel companies, CSC tours offer you access to workplaces, schools, hospitals and social organisations and a unique insight into the island, its Revolution, and its people.

Full itineraries, prices and booking forms are available to download here, alternatively you can contact or 020 8800 0155 anytime.