Venezuelan Government Releases Photos and Communique on Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan Television published the first photos of President Hugo Chavez after he was submitted to cancer surgery in Havana in December.

Venezuelan Science, Technology and Innovation minister Jorge Arreaza showed four pictures of Chavez with his elder daughters, Rosa Virginia and Maria Gabriela.

In the pictures, Chavez appears smiling and calm. The photos were released after Communication and Information minister Ernesto Villegas read on TV and radio the most recent government communiqué on the health progress of Hugo Chavez.

The communiqué explained that after a two-month complex post-surgery, the patient keeps conscious and with integral intellectual functions, while in direct contact with his cabinet leading major tasks relevant to his post.

The respiratory infection that Chavez suffered from was controlled though certain level of insufficiency still prevails. Given this situation, the Venezuelan president is breathing through a tracheal cannula, which makes it temporarily difficult for him to speak, reads the communiqué.

The medical team is administering energy treatment to fight the base disease, which is not exempt of complications. The patient is cooperating with the treatment and his rehabilitation in close coordination with the medical team.

The government of Venezuela thanks the people for their affection, maturity, serenity and strength in accompanying Commander Chavez in his battle, and invites them to keep praying for his health.

The Bolivarian government also expressed gratitude to Commander Fidel Castro, President Raul Castro, the medical team and the Cuban people for their affection and care given to President Chavez, the communiqué explains.