Latin America Now! Recall Meeting

Building on the inspiring Manchester Latin America Now! dayschool in January we want to develop our aims, strategies and plans for the coming year.

There will be a meeting on Friday 26th April, 7pm at The Yard, 41 Old Birley Street, Hulme, Manchester, M15 5RF. (flyer below)
First and foremost Another World Real is about participation – it belongs to everyone who gets involved.

We are facing brutal times in Britain – what is happening in Latin America gives concrete alternatives on making another world real here.

Another World Real is a project launched at the Manchester Latin America day school in January 2013 which brought together various solidarity groups in the area. It was organized principally by the Manchester Zapatista Network and the Manchester Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

We believe that the changes happening now in Latin America show us a world being created which is a concrete alternative to the tragedy of unbridled free market capitalism – a world where health and education are fundamental human rights, where people participate fully in shaping an equal society and where the ecological basis for human life is respected and protected. In short a world where meaningful and dignified human life can flourish.