Cuba and USA to re-establish diplomatic relation as Cuban 5 set to return home

Cuban President Raul Castro gave a speech Wednesday to say that relations between both governments will be reset.

“We have agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations, but this does not mean that the main issue has been resolved, the blockade that generates economic losses and humanitarian problems in our country must stop,” he said.

In his speech he said, “Cubans have courageously shown that, despite the adversities, the Cuban people is committed to the Revolution,” he said.

“We should take mutual steps to advance towards the normalization of the relationship between both countries” he said.

He called on President Obama to lift the half-century blockade saying, “The President could modify its implementation (of the blockade) by using his executive powers,” and in a sign of the improved relations added, “We will continue discussing these issues in the future.”

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