Cubans Ready for February 3 General Elections

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 9 (ACN) On February 3, over eight million Cubans will elect 612 parliament deputies and 1 269 delegates to provincial governments for a five-year term and by means of free, secret and direct vote.

Once the deputies are elected, they will have a 45-day period of time to meet at a place and time to be decided by the Cuban Council of State in order to set up the National Assembly of People’s Power (Cuban Parliament), according to Granma daily newspaper.

The deputies will also elect the president, vice-president and secretary of the parliament and 31 members of the Cuban Council of State, which is made up of one president, a first vice-president, five vice-presidents, a secretary and another 23 members.

Meanwhile, the delegates to the provincial assemblies will gather during the 15 days following their election to set up the 15 provincial assemblies and elect the president and vice-president off each territorial government.

In order to give the people information on the candidates before the vote takes place, their photos and biographical profiles are being published in public areas and on provincial newspapers.

Other actions in this regards included meetings between delegates and workers, students, farmers, neighbors and people in general.

On February 3, Cuban voters will cast two ballots, one with the vote for the candidates to parliament deputies and another one for the candidates to provincial delegates.