Help us to reach more MPs to support the Miami Five

It takes just 30 seconds to ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 497 for visitation rights for the Miami Five.

Hundreds of people across the country have already answered our action appeal, and more than half of all British MPs have been contacted by their constituents. As a result, over 100 MPs have now signed up to the motion.

This is a great result, but we need to reach more MPs so that the British and US governments take notice. Please spare just 30 seconds to write to your MP, or sign up to our solidarity wall here.

For fourteen years, Adriana PĂ©rez and Olga Salanueva, have been denied visitation rights to see their husbands in US jails by the US government.

We need to let the US authorities know that the world is watching and knows about their cruelty towards these two women and their husbands. What better way to do that than to get British MPs to support this message.

EDM 497 calls on the US government to make a humanitarian gesture on behalf of Adriana and Olga and let them see their husbands.

Their case is supported by human rights, religious and legal organisations around the world. Amnesty International states that “denying the men visits from their wives is unnecessarily punitive and contrary to standards for humane treatment of prisoners and states’ obligations to protect family life.”

Please take just 30 seconds to email your MP now and ask them to sign EDM 497.

Or if you live abroad please sign our solidarity wall.

Support Adriana and Olga and the Miami Five today.

Thank you.

Natasha Hickman
Cuba Solidarity Campaign