Health Condition of President Chavez Continues to be Frail

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ health condition continues to be delicate, with complications that are being taken care of, in a process not without risks, asserted on Sunday Executive Vice-president Nicolas Maduro. In an address from Havana, broadcast by national radio and television, Maduro read an official communique about the health of the head of state, an English version of which is as follows;

"The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela fulfills the duty of informing the Venezuelan people about the clinical development of President Hugo Chavez, after the surgery he underwent in Havana, Cuba, on December 11.

As it is known, we traveled to Havana on December 28 following the instructions of the Commander President, so I will now issue the following report:

Upon our arrival in Havana, we immediately went to the hospital to personally receive an update on the health situation of the Commander President.

We were informed about new complications arising as a consequence of the already known respiratory infection.

Yesterday, we kept abreast on the evolution of his health situation and his response to treatment. We met several times with his medical team and his closest relatives.

A few minutes ago we met with President Chavez, we greeted each other and he himself referred to these complications.

We had the opportunity to tell him about the current national situation, the successful inaugurations of the 20 Bolivarian men and women governors and the satisfactory reception of his New Year message to the Bolivarian National Armed Forces.

In particular, Commander Chavez wanted us to convey his New Year’s greetings to all Venezuelan families, who are gathering together in these days throughout the country; he especially sent a warm hug to all children in Venezuela, reminding them that he always have them in his heart. The embrace was extended to all our people, so they welcome 2013 with love, a year that should be of the great happiness for our homeland, of definitive consolidation of our independence and national unity.

The President gave us precise instructions so that, after finishing the visit, we told the (Venezuelan) people about his current health condition.

Nineteen days after his complex surgery, President Chavez's state of health continues to be delicate, with complications that are being attended to, in a process not without risks. Thanks to his physical and spiritual strength, Commander Chavez is facing this difficult situation.

Likewise, we have decided to announce that we will stay in Havana for the next few hours accompanying the Commander and his family, very attentive to how the current situation evolves.

We are confident that the global avalanche of love and solidarity towards Commander Chavez, along with his immense will to live and the care of the best medical specialists, will help our president to successfully fight this new battle."

"Long Live Chavez!"

Havana, December 30, 2012